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Design your own Wedding Dress

As a “Wedding Dress” Designer, I take inspiration from all my brides both past and present. I especially take into consideration what they actually would like to see in their “Own” wedding dresses, from style, silhouette, fabric right down to that little intricate detail that makes it “Perfect”. My current collections have already had some of their input which is what makes my wedding dresses so unique.

This competition is like no other competition as there are only basic Rules and there is no Prize Value - so “What is the Catch” - that’s just it There isn’t One.

All you have to do to enter this competition is to be a B2B who is getting married in 2017 or 2018, and then just simply tell me “If you could Design your own Wedding Dress”, what would your ideal wedding dress look like, what style and silhouette would you choose and more importantly would it be “The One”.

For the bride who inspires me the most before 10 February 2017, I will actually design and create that Bride her very own “Dream Wedding Dress”, which will be totally unique and custom made for her, and the best part of this competition is that if this bride says that the finished wedding dress is “The One”, then the wedding dress will be my wedding gift.

The winner will be notified on St Valentine’s Day the 14 February 2017. Enter now what have you got to lose.

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