6 Things to do when beginning your dress Journey

by Patricia Barclay-Lumb News Dresses

6 Things to do when beginning your dress Journey

its always an exiting time starting to prepare to purchase your wedding dress in preparation for your big day!

Before you rush out of the door and start shopping. Take a moment to consider these 10 points to help you create you dream wedding.

1. Set Your Budget

Starting with your budget will help you build and start your journey on finding your perfect dress. You will have the ability too understand what you want and be able to talk to us and tell us your needs so that we are able to over achieve in every department

2. Be Creative

Have a direct input in how you want to look on your big day. It all starts with you. Love how you look, look amazing, feel amazing, be amazing. With the dress of your dreams it doesn’t matter how you look to others, don’t forget this is your big day and it is all about you.

3. Do Your Research

Before you go to any bridal boutique and start looking, have a look into bridal magazines. The more informed you are the sooner you will create your perfect dress.

4. Take The Right People With You

When you have decided that now is the time to take your first step out of the door and search, take the right people. A lot of people will be exited although you want the right opinions and not hear what people think you want to hear. Take someone who knows you will and will tell you it straight, no in-between they will help you on your affordable luxury journey.

5. Take Your Time

Take your time in making your decisions, every wedding dress designer would rather you take your time and make it perfect than rushing into decisions and not getting your dress right. It needs to be right, every-time.


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